THEY Don’t Want You to Succeed on Instagram

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Everyone has literally been freaking out about the upcoming algorithm changes to Instragram.  So, I was inspired by DJ Khaled’s Major Keys to Success (Obviously)to give you the Major Keys to Instagram Marketing Success.  (By the way, if you haven’t seen DJ Khaled on snapchat, you are really missing out!)

But first, a little background: Instagram is a social media tool where posts where being displayed chronologically.  Facebook had gone through an algorithm change where basically, THEY decide what they want you to see.  THEY decide what you will find interesting.  Once this algorithm went into play, organic engagement on Facebook Fan Pages literally plummeted.  So, a lot of people abandoned Facebook and went to Instagram where no algorithm was in play.  Being that Facebook owns Instagram, it seems like the algorithm was definitely something that could be foreseen.  Facebook’s argument is that there are so many daily posts on the platform, it put the algorithm into play to give a better user experience.  Critics of the algorithm think that it was put into play to encourage Facebook Fan Page owners to purchase ads.  Which ever is the real reason, the algorithm on Facebook is here to stay.  So, what will Instagram’s algorithm change mean to you?  Well, if you are following good social media practices, THEY can’t stop you from being successful at Instagram marketing.

Sidenote: Asking people to turn on post notifications isn’t really going to solve anything.  How many people do you think will actually do this before they realize that it will drive them crazy with their phone giving them an alert every time not on you post but anyone else that they have done this for.  This is really unrealistic.  Make the algorithm work for you.

1st Major Key to Success – Hashtag Strategy

On Instagram, hashtags are everything.  Hashtags are a way that Instagram organizes content.  For example, if I want to look up Vegan Recipes, I would go to the search bar on Instagram and type “#VeganRecipes”.  Then I will see all of the posts that include that hashtag.


So, if someone in Charlotte wants a barber, they would look up #CharlotteBarber.  Got it?  Its pretty easy wants you understand the concept.  In Instagram, you can only search one hashtag at a time, so you may have to combine 2 things to find the posts that you are looking for.  Hence, #CharlotteBarber.

The current culture on Instagram is to search for things by hashtag.  Currently, you cannot search for things simply by the words like you would on Google.  So you can’t just search “Charlotte barber” and find all of the applicable posts.  So, being that hashtags are already strong in the Instagram culture, we are already ahead.  A few notes about hashtags on Instagram:

  • You can only have 30 per post.  If you use more, Instagram will blank out your whole caption.
  • Use hashtags that actually relate to what you are posting.  Don’t use #Beyonce if it has nothing to do with her.
  • Using hashtags helps people who aren’t following you, find you.  Do you want new customers to be able to find you?  Use hashtags!  If you don’t have a hashtag strategy, no worries, I got you!  Use my FREE Custom Hashtag Generator and get LOCAL customers to notice your posts on Instagram.

2nd Major Key to Success – Be Social

Ok, I cannot say this enough, Social Media is a conversation, not a broadcast.  This means that you need to show love to get it.  How do you do this?  Easy…1) go to one of the hashtags for your local city 2) look for potential customers and like 5 of their posts 3) comment on 3 of those 5 pictures (REAL comments– not just NICE!)  That person will want to know who this person is that is showing them all of this love on Instagram.  BOOM: You got them to your profile.  Now they are checking yours out.  That is the way it works.  Another part of Being Social is to respond to comments on your page…I’m just saying…If someone takes the extra step to comment on your page, comment back!  I cannot tell you how many unanswered comments I see on barber/stylists pages.  The craziest part is that a lot of times, people are asking how they can get an appointment.  It takes a lot of work to get someone to actually want to try you out and you are not even responding when they are ready: Major Fail!

3rd Major Key to Success – Consistency

I am big on posting every day on social media.  This will separate you from the pack.  A lot of people are saying that this will be part of the new algorithm.  It can be hard to post everyday, but I am a big user of scheduling tools.  There are tools out there that will actually allow you to create your posts and schedule them to go out at a later date.  I use Hootsuite and Schedugram.   Schedugram is my fave because the posts will go out without any intervention on your part.  Hey, I’m busy!  I don’t want to be reminded to post. Do it for me!

4th Major Key to Success – Videos

One of the big ways to get the Facebook algorithm work for you is to post native Facebook videos.  Native videos means that you are not sharing a link to a YouTube video, but you are uploading videos directly to Facebook.   A lot of people are thinking that this will be the same for Instagram.  Makes sense though right?  All of a sudden, we can see how many views a video has had on Instagram…Its all making sense now!

At the end of the day, nothing really changes.  THEY don’t want you to be successful at Instagram, but we will!  What do you think about this?  Do you agree?

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