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The Community Barber Shop   $19.99

DIGITAL version

This is the ULTIMATE guide to running your community event:

  • How to get the news to show up and cover your events 
  • How to get corporate sponsorships
  • Where to get the tools that you need for your event


The Social Barber Book $14.99

DIGITAL version   

An INSTANT digital download of the popular book.



The Social Barber Book   $20

US Only

Please contact us for International shipping rates.



Social Media Jumpstart   $249

Creation and maximization of your social media biographies allowing you to connect with people in your area. Profile picture, cover photo, Custom hashtags. Personalized social media strategy. (Up to 3 accounts.)



Social Media Audit   $199

With your established social media we ensure that your brand message is clear and consistent.  Custom hashtags.


Accessories to help YOU (2)   

Need accessories for Periscope?

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