Why you should NEVER Change Your Instagram User Name

I have noticed a lot of barbers and hairstylists changing their Instagram user names.  Maybe they used the year in their user name and now they want to update it.  Maybe they used the make and model of their car.  Maybe they used a slang term that is no longer popular—whatever the reason, they want to change their Instagram user name.  This is a HUGE mistake!

A little background first: In Instagram, you have 2 names: your username and your name.  Confused?  Don’t worry, I got you!  Your username is the name that someone mentions you with and it starts with “@”.  Your name on Instagram can be the same as the User name.  The big difference here is that spaces ARE allowed in your name, while they are NOT allowed in your username.  Now, back to business…

If you change your user name, if someone searches for you in the search and explore window by your old username, they will get the dreaded message: No accounts found.


What if this is a person that needs a haircut.  What you don’t want to do on social media is make it hard for people to find you!

Let me give you another scenario…

Two weeks ago, my friend Michelle posted on Instagram about the great haircut that she got from @the_hair_diva_com.

One week later @the_hair_diva_com changes her name to @samantha_fox_com.

Fast forward 2 weeks…Today, I want to reach out to Michelle’s stylist because I LOVE her cut.  I need that in my life.  I go back to Michelle’s post because she tagged her and I click on the tag.  USER NOT FOUND

Barber Instagram User Not Found

This is awful, but it happens all of the time.  The worst part about this is that Michelle’s hair stylist is extremely consistent on social media.  She posts every day.   She worked HARD to be that consistent.  Now, she just lost her history and reputation that she was building up.

The moral of the story is: choose a name that you won’t want to change in the future.  Stay away from numbers, slang, nick names and choose a classic user name that will stand the test of time.

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