The BIG GAME is over, but it is #GameOn for your social media

It's GAME ONfor yoursocial media

The Big Game is over, but it is #GameOn for your social media!  What does that mean?  It means that it is time for #TeamCEO to get serious about marketing on social media.  By the way, if you are reading this, you are now part of #TeamCEO.   If you are on commission, or renting a booth or you actually own the barber shop or hair salon, you are all CEOs of your own business.  It is up to you to market your business as a CEO.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

Play 1 – Plan your social media in advance

Do you have an upcoming event that you are promoting?  Are you running a special?  You need to use strategy to get your message in front of the right people at the right time.  You don’t want to miss opportunities to promote your business at critical times.  For instance, you are having a special event on a Saturday.  You know that that is one of your busiest times of the week, make sure to schedule a post to go out the day before and early on that day to remind customers about the event.  At the end of the day, your social media should not be an afterthought.  It should be a carefully planned out strategy.

PLAY 2 – Create a budget

Yes, social media is #FREE, but if you really want to kill it, you should spend SOME money.  Spending money on social media will truly make your life easier.  There are 4 ways that you can spend money to assist with social media marketing:

  • Tools: I am a big proponent of scheduling social media posts in advance. Let’s be honest, life gets in the way.  We know that social media is too important to our business not to be consistent so scheduling is a MUST.  I love using Hootsuite (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) and Schedugram (Instagram) for scheduling my social media in advance.  These are paid tools.
  • Help: An assistant can really change the game for your business. They can take certain administrative tasks (like posting on social media) and do it for you.  Game changing! 
  • You should also pay for 1-on-1 coaching. Talk to a professional and make sure that you are on the right track. 
  • Education: Social media is like technology – it is always changing. You need to stay on top of what is going on.  You can take online classes or self-paced courses.  You should take these regularly.
  • Paid Ads: Right now, Facebook and Instagram ads are crazy affordable. You can set your own budget.  These ads are super powerful because you can user super-specific targeting to get the right people to see your ads.


So you know that there are millions of social media posts going out every day right?  Well, that means that there is A LOT of competition for attention.  Getting someone to see your post is one battle, getting them to like your post is another battle, but if someone actually takes the time to comment on your post, that is BIG!  Time for some tough love: It is UNACCEPTABLE for you not to respond to someone’s comments or direct messages.  You could be missing a comment from a new customer or a request for a speaking or teaching engagement.  Yes, a lot of these requests do occur on social media – believe it or not!

CEO, I know this sounds like a lot and it can be.  But don’t forget you have me on your team! 

Are you already doing all of these things?  What is the hardest thing for you to do?

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