Why You Need to Build an Email List

Why You Need an Email List as a Barber or Stylist

A lot of barbers and hairstylists think they don't need an email list.  They think: I just need more customers.  Well, if you want to get more customers, an email list is sooo important.  Watch this video to find out why!

0:31 Why you need an email list

0:45 Barbers and stylists, you need an email list to keep in touch with your customers.  Stop chair-jumpers.

1:30 You can use email for following up with customers who you haven't seen in awhile

2:21 Separate yourself from the pack--follow up with your customers.  Give good customer service.

3:03 What if Instagram decides that they don't like you anymore?  You just lost touch with all of your followers.  

4:16 What if you change locations?  You need a way to notify your customers if you change locations.





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