Just Say NO to Buying Followers

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The world is obsessed with followers these days.  People are always looking at the number of followers to judge the worthiness of someone’s account.  Some people – a lot of people – even go as far as to buy followers on social media.  Stop the madness!  I need to make sure that my CEOs (that’s you!) know that buying followers is a waste of both time and money.  Just say NO!

Why are you in business?  Most likely you said, ‘To make money!’  Well, I have got some news for you: You cannot take followers to the bank.  Last time I checked, you cannot pay your bills with followers —real or fake.  I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on the prize.  Focus on PAYING customers.   Target those people.  Get their attention.  You can actually use social media to pick and choose your customers.

Do you guys remember that time when Instagram got rid of all of the fake followers?  Think of how EMBARASSING MORTIFYING that would be if you got caught up.  Not a good look for your business.  You want people to know, like and trust you, but how can they if you are not being honest with them?  There is too much at stake.  There is too much competition out there for you to take the risk of possibly driving customers away for being dishonest.

Have you ever seen someone’s account with 30,000 followers and each of their posts gets an average of 3 likes?  *side eye*  I’m pretty good at Math.  I was a Math major in college.  That equation does not add up.  Again…not a good look for your business.

My goal is to help you increase your income.  My goal is to help you find more free time.  My goal is to help you be successful even if you decide that you are ready to transition from behind the chair.  But I wouldn’t truly be helping you if I weren’t honest.  Repeat after me: Just say no to fake followers!

Do you agree?  Have you seen a case where buying followers was beneficial?

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