How to get over social media writer’s block


Another question I get a lot is ‘Every haircut isn’t magazine ready, what else can I post?’  This is a great question.   I like to call this Social Media Writer’s Block.  You want to be more consistent on social media but you don’t know what to share.  There are 4 general categories of topics that you can discuss to get your over the hump and to be more consistent.

First off, you want people to feel uplifted when they visit your profile, right?  What about posting quotes that motivate you?  If they motivate you, they will most likely motivate your target client.  There are popular apps out there where you can actually use your own images behind the quotes.  I really like the mobile app, Word Swag.  It displays words in an artistic way.  This app is FREE!  If you’ve ever spoken to me, you know I LOVE free things.  I live by the mantra ‘If its free, it’s for me!’  You can also use Canva…It is my go to site for creating images for social media.

The second thing you can do is discuss barbering/hairstyling topics.  You are a professional.  Show your followers what your professional life consists of.  Do you disinfect your tools?  (I hope so!)  Do you have to turn on the neon “open” sign?  Do you have to turn the music on?  Do you have to put the sign out on the sidewalk in front of your salon or barber shop?  Explain things that a person who is not a barber or a hairstylist wouldn’t know.   This will help you to earn the trust of your followers.  They will come to respect you as an expert in your field.

Third, share some of your personal life.  You are not a robot.  This is your business page, but it’s ok to show some of your personality.  People want to get to know you.  They want to know that you are an actual person.  You will find it easier to connect with people when you show some of your interests.  If you are working on “eating clean”, share some of the meals that you eat on your lunch break.  If you take your kids to see the latest Disney movie, you can share pictures of this.  A word of caution here.  You will want to limit what you share in your personal life to neutral, positive topics.  If you are having a bad day, STEP AWAY from social media.

Finally, you can discuss trending topics.  Trending topics are things that a large number of people are discussing at one time.  If the Super Bowl is currently on TV, discussing that on your social media accounts could cause someone to comment on or like your post.  Trending topics are a great way to connect with people about what they actually care about.  Join the conversation!

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