5 Reasons you need a Facebook Fanpage

A lot of people want to know if Facebook is dead.  Is everyone over it?  While it is certainly not the newest shiny object, it is still the largest platform in the social media world.  There are definitely many reasons that you should be advertising your business on Facebook.  Let’s be clear here—if you are promoting your business on Facebook, you should have a Fanpage.  It is actually against the terms of service of Facebook to do business from a regular account.  A Fanpage actually has tons of major benefits for CEOs like yourself.

If you don’t have a website, you can use a Facebook Fanpage as a substitute.  This is actually a really great option.  You do not have to have a Facebook account to look at someone’s Fanpage.  However, if the person is not logged into Facebook, they will not be able to comment on anything.  The huge benefit is that anyone will be able to access an online portfolio of your work.   Big stuff—especially if you do not have a website.

If you want to run an ad on Facebook, you need a Fanpage.  Facebook ads are ridiculously affordable.  You can pick your own budget when creating them.  Ads start as low as $1 per day.  I highly recommend always running a Facebook ad for your business.  The ads are hyper focused.  Facebook has so much data on the habits of all of its users that you can end up with a very specific audience that you would like to target.  Let’s say, you want to target people that live in the downtown area of Chicago who like to watch Scandal, listen to Bono, drink Starbucks and wear blue socks…Ok, forget about the socks, but you can focus on the other things!  Ads, alone, make a Fanpage worthwhile.

A regular Facebook account can only have 5,000 friends.  Why limit yourself?  A Fanpage has an unlimited amount of fans.  A person becomes a fan when they like a Fanpage.  Don’t wait until you hit the 5,000 friend mark BEFORE you switch over to a Fanpage.  It will be harder to get everyone converted over to looking at your Fanpage for updates from you.  Start off on the right first…get your Fanpage set up sooner than later.

A Fanpage has a place where customers can leave a review of your services.  They can rate you on a 5 star scale and even include any commentary that they see fit.  You know as well as I do that someone else will be able to sell you better than you can sell yourself.  Having available reviews/testimonials on a Fanpage is a great way to transition someone from a viewer to a customer.

Fanpages have TONS of information on them.  Depending on how you choose to categorize your business, there are a lot of details required to set up your profile.  For instance, price point, hours, address, phone number, short and long bios, email address, phone number, parking accommodations (parking lot, deck, ect…) to name a few!  Some of these things may be overlooked on a traditional website.  Definitely a plus.

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should create a Fanpage, get off of the fence and create one.  There is nothing to think about here.  We know that this is the largest place for marketing your business, so let’s get it on there ASAP.

Do you have a Fanpage?  What’s your Fanpage address?

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