Barbers/Stylists: The top 3 reasons you need to post on social media every day

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Barbers and hair stylists ask me all of the time:  how often should I post on social media?  You should see the way that people look at me when I confidently say: EVERYDAY!  They look at me like I must be on something.  But seriously, posting every day is serious business.  Here are the top 3 reasons you should post every day:

1 – Consistency is everything

You are building trust and consistency is everything.  Social media is all about building relationships.  Let’s say that you just started dating someone and their actions and words are inconsistent.  This will cause you not to trust them.  As with dating, social media is the same.  It will be much easier (and quicker!) for you to build an audience that trusts you if you are consistent.

2 – You want people to get to know you

Let’s face it, people do business with who they know, like and trust.  Let people get to know you through social media.  A lot of my clients tell me, ‘I don’t want everyone all up in my business.  I am very private.’  Let’s face it: people are basically nosey (Yes, I said it!).  Why do you think reality shows are so popular?  I am not saying that you should tell all of your personal business on social media—far from it!  But use the fact that people are nosey to your advantage.  If people want to look, show them what you want them to see—your business!

3 – Posting every day will separate you from the crowd

Reality check: The majority of people don’t post every day.   They are gung ho when they first start.  They will post 30 times the first day, 6 times the next day, once the third day, then you don’t hear from them for 6 weeks.  Posting every day give you an opportunity to shine!  Chances are that there is a lot of competition out there for barbers, hair stylists, makeup artists and nail technicians in your local area.  Posting to your business social media accounts every day will create a clear distinction between you and the competition.  Let’s face it, a lot of beauty professionals out there are just not taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that social media provides.   Taking advantage of this takes discipline and planning.   Clients realize that you are serious about your business.

Posting every day is really the way to go, but there are some limits.  Post at least once per day, but no more than 7 times.  (On Twitter, you can get away with more than 7 posts.)  If you are posting multiple times in a day, try to leave at least an hour in between each posts.  Do keep in mind that the quickest way to get unfollowed is over posting.

Do you post every day?  What do you find challenging about posting every day?

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