Can YOU use an extra $160,000?

Last week, I was talking to a reporter for a national magazine about a story she was writing about businesses who use social media marketing.  I am big on tracking progress.  If you don’t know where you are, how will you know if you are doing better?  I called the guys at Headlines Barber Shop so that I could provide specific stats to the reporter.  It turns out that last week, we got 6 new customers from social media alone.  I am big on numbers so let’s break this down:


Ok, so what if you had 6 new customers in one week. They spend $20 per visit and they come every other week. Over the course of a year, that is $3120 that those 6 people have spent at your salon or barber shop. But what if you get 6 new customers a week for a year? That is a whopping $160,240!!! Definitely something to shoot for...I just want to get you thinking about the big picture.

For the larger salons and barber shops, let's scale it up for you. The $160,000 figure was only if we had no growth. What if you had 25% growth each week?

Week 1 = 6 new clients
Week 2 = 8 new clients
Week 3 = 10 new clients
Week 4 = 12 new clients
And so on...

That would give you over $1 billion dollars. That is a crazy large number. And unrealistic. You can only do so much hair. At some point, you will not be able to handle the additional growth and still provide your current customers with the same level of service that made them loyal in the first place.

This is another testament to power of social media. I see every day the impact that it has at Headlines Barber Shop. As I always like to say: If you are not using social media to market your business, you are leaving money on the table.

Started From The Bottom

I started marketing my book, The Social Barber, on social media on Monday, February 2nd. I want to share with you the stats for my first month.

Everyone’s favorite stat- Followers!



On February 2nd, 2015  I had 0 followers.  Let me say that differently. One month ago, I had 0 Facebook fans, 0 Instagram followers and 0 Twitter followers.  Zip, zero, zilch, nada…I truly did start from the bottom. My brand was absolutely new.  I now have 197 followers on Twitter, 549 Facebook Fans and 470 Instagram followers.  Not bad for 30 days!  Everyone is intoxicated with the allure of new followers,  but I really want you to remember that the number of followers really is one of your least important stats.  Gasp!  Hear me out… Barbers and Stylists: What would you rather have?  10,000 followers on Instagram or 5 new customers that come every week?  You see my point?

More Stats!


Here are some other notable stats for month 1.  I am particularly proud of my number of retweets.  If you are new to Twitter, a retweet means that someone has shared your post on their account with all of their followers.  Your picture will appear next to the tweet on their page.  It is the ultimate form of respect on Twitter.  According to, only 6% of all tweets get retweeted.  That is a REALLY low number.  Remember, this includes all of the celebrities with millions of followers.  So 29 retweets for a newbie is a pretty amazing number.  Definitely something to be proud of.  I wish I could say that 29 out of my 69 tweets got retweeted, but I actually had 18 retweets on just one post.  Still, nothing to sneeze at.

The 286 comments on Instagram is another awesome stat.  Instagram is, by nature, a network of likers, so the likes are cool, but expected on Instagram.  But if someone actually took the time to make a comment on my post, that is above and beyond.

A quick note here…Facebook has a ton of stats available, but I really want to call out the 2 big ones.  First off, Facebook defines reach as “The number of people who have seen any content associated with your Page. (Unique Users)”.  So basically, my posts appeared in the newsfeeds of over 26,000 people.  That  is a really large number and great exposure for any business.  Also, engaged followers are the number of unique people who reacted to your post by sharing it, liking it, click on a link in it or commenting on it.  Those are the 2 big things in Facebook.  So, you now speak Facebook.  Who needs Rosetta Stone?

How did I get these amazing stats on my social media accounts you might ask?  Well, I used the methods in my book.  You knew I would say that, but its true!  It really isn’t hard.   The biggest thing that I want to get across to you is that you can do it too.  It isn’t hard, but don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

Stats are SUPER important no matter what you are doing.  You have to pay attention to numbers.  You can lie to yourself, but numbers don’t lie.  Let’s say, for instance, that you start keeping a tally of how your new customers heard about you.  You have 1 new customer from Facebook, 0 from Twitter and 10 from Instagram.  Logically, you would want to spend more time marketing yourself on Instagram.  But if you are not keeping track, you won’t know what works.

What do you think about my stats for my first month?  What are your stats?  Are you keeping track of where your walk ins are coming from?

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